Dougie Sausage Crew | Luke Holland & Tony Pizzuti

     Every time Tony Pizzuti & Luke Holland are in the Netherlands they wear these onesies.  The whole story behind these onesies is they bought them as a 2-pack one time when they were in the Netherlands.   So, every time they come back to the Netherlands they wear them.  This year it just happened to be on Halloween.  

     The spot we shot these at was a church 2 minutes away from the venue.  Originally I had planned on using this spot for a promo of Like Moths To Flames.  They recently had a member change and wanted to get some fresh new photos.  Well last minute the guys were not able to do it so instead I grabbed Tony Pizzuti, Luke Holland, Mint Horn, & Mike Costello to come mess around.  

     I used a very simple setup with one Paul C. Buff Einstein attached to a 47" octabox.  I didn't have a stand with me so I had to use my monopod with a super clamp attached to it.  Mint Horn & Mike took turns holding up the monopod for me, Thanks guys.  I have a picture below that shows you how simple the lighting setup was.  

     This was one of my favorite shoots I have ever done.  Since it wasn't for anything in particular we were all very relaxed and just had fun making some hilarious images.  I hope to do more stuff like this in the future.  

Some of the images are available for print if you would like.  Just click on the image and it will take you to my store. Enjoy! 

My favorite shot.  Gives me a Beastie Boys vibe? 

This is the set-up I used for all of these pictures.  Super simple.  Thanks Mint Horn.  

Tony Pizzuti making it rain leaves on the Mint.  We have fun no matter what we're doing.

Mike Costello.  New Guitarist for Like Moths To Flames.  Awesome dude. 

All images under the copyright of Vince Dwyer

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