Overthrow Clothing || Made In The Desert Shoot

I recently took a trip out to Four Peaks in Arizona to do a shoot with Overthrow Clothing.  The clothing company has a tagline for a lot of their recent clothing "Made In The Desert"  So I came up with the idea to go way out in the desert and do a shoot.  We had a blast.  We brought beers & guns and after we finished just hung out and enjoyed being away from civilization for a bit.  

Gear Overview:  Canon 5D M3, Canon 70-200 2.8, Einstein E640, 47" Octabox, Cyber Commander, Cyber Transreceiver, and a couple plain white poster boards for reflection. 

Here is the set-up I used the for the water bottle shot below.

Love this shot of Overthrow Clothing owner Andrew Reid

Here is our setup for most of these shots.  Photo by Andrew Reid.  

You can check out all of Overthrow Clothing's threads at www.OverthrowClothing.com

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