The Word Alive | California Vacation

We took a little trip to visit The Word Alive's label Fearless Records.  

Not sure whats going on here

Luke Holland & Zack Hansen just napping in the grass

Tony Pizzuti is such an amazing guitar player.  He knows how to play every song, its crazy

Our house we rented had a big pool outback that we hung out around a lot.  Way too cold to get in but it was fun to hang out by.  

On Super Bowl Sunday Tony Pizzuti, Luke Holland & I took a trip to Venice Beach to watch the game and catch the sunset. 

Luke Holland hanging out on the beach

Luke Holland snapped a cool pic of me out at Venice Beach.  Its nice to get a few pictures of myself now & then 

Daniel Shapiro & his new hat

New Mixtape Promo.  Not really...  

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